AlbanyTri 2020: COVID Casualty

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After much discussion and in consideration of the City of Albany’s cancelling all Summer & Fall events, the organizers of the Albany Triathlon have decided to cancel the 2020 AlbanyTri, originally scheduled for October 4th. We encourage everyone to stay safe, healthy, and fit until this pandemic is under control, and look forward to resuming the AlbanyTri in 2021!

Organizer Steve Trutane on the bike course during the 2019 AlbanyTri (image edited to show a hypothetical SARS-CoV-2-enhanced wheelset 😉)

To show your support of Albany school athletics, we encourage all would-be AlbanyTri athletes to donate to the Albany Athletic Boosters, our fundraising beneficiary (the Albany Triathlon is normally the single largest annual fundraising event for the athletics department).

As triathletes, we are accustomed to persevering through challenges. Do your best to apply that attitude towards adapting to the hardships created by this global pandemic. Maintaining your fitness will boost your physical and mental reserves, so keep up your exercise routine and find time to get outdoors to keep your body moving (with mask & social distancing as required).

Keep Moving!

There are many online resources for workouts you can do at home — or invent your own sets of your favorite moves. When in doubt, the scientific 7-minute workout is a great routine you can do almost anywhere with no fancy equipment necessary. USA Triathlon is hosting National Triathlon Week June 22-28, with a variety of ways to promote the sport online as well as a virtual challenge.

If you need any equipment or bike servicing, many past AlbanyTri sponsors have opened their doors, with some restrictions:

Albany Pool is closed, but planning to open when Alameda county enters phase 3. Local open water swimming options include the Berkeley Marina with Odyssey swimming, and Keller cove in Richmond. Be safe and swim with a friend or small group when possible.

Whenever you need a boost, relive the excitement from last year by viewing the photos and videos from the 2019 AlbanyTri.


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    […] Review our extensive FAQ and course map before race day to get familiar with this event, especially for first-timers or AlbanyTri veterans who need a refresher (this is our first event since September 2019 due to the pandemic). […]


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