The Albany community triathlon is a fundraiser for the Albany Athletics Boosters — raising funds for both high school & middle school athletic programs, as well as the high school leadership group. Starting in 2008 on the centennial of the City of Albany, CA, the AlbanyTri has been held annually except for 2010 & 2011 when the pool underwent a major renovation, and in 2020 & 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The triathlon aims to promote fitness in the community and showcase just how fun a multisport event can be!

The main AlbanyTri super sprint course is open to everyone ages 9 and up, especially those who’ve never done a triathlon before but would like to give it a go on an easy, local course without a huge financial (or training) commitment. A mini version of the course is available for the “super youths” ages 7-10.

The event is part of Albany Local Week, celebrating the city of Albany’s offerings.

Organizers of the triathlon can be reached via any means listed on our Connect page.

Special Features of the AlbanyTri:

FAMILY & FRIENDS HEAT. When you register, you can indicate your desire to be in the same heat as other participants (child, parent, spouse, friends, etc.). That way, you can start in the same swim heat together & keep an eye on each other during the race (but not assist each other, per triathlon rules). Parents can also indicate a preference to be in a different heat from your child, in case you prefer to spectate/support your child from the sidelines after your race.

YOUTH DISCOUNTS. Youth entry fees (ages 17 and younger) are significantly reduced across the board, as listed on the registration page.

BEAT-A-TRIATHLETE CHALLENGE. Athletes can boost their fundraising efforts by pledging to donate an extra dollar amount for everyone that can beat their time, up to a limit. Relay teams can also register for this challenge. Here’s how it works:

  • You specify how much you’re willing to donate for each person that beats your finish time, and what your total donation limit is (if any).
  • You also decide the size of the field you want to compete against: all participants, all men, all women, or just the members of your 10-year age group bracket.
  • The amount of your donation will be determined after official race results are computed. Proceeds will go to our fundraising target (AAB).
  • On the registration form you can indicate your preference to opt-in to the Beat-A-Triathlete challenge. The organizers will follow up with you later to confirm and collect your preferences.
  • All Beat-A-Triathletes will receive a certificate of appreciation and will be entered in a raffle for a special prize!
  • Since 2013, one of the event co-organizers has offered $10 for any participant or team that beat him. He had to pay up an extra $10 in 2013 and $30-$40 in 2014 & 2015. He plans to do this again. Consider joining him with your own Beat-A-Triathlete challenge! 🙂

CHIP TIMING: Participants will have their per-leg splits and overall finish times tracked using a chip timing system. This provides much more accurate and timely results than the manual entry system we used pre-2015. See our Results page for links to results from previous years dating back to 2012.

HIGH-QUALITY T-SHIRT: Save your all-cotton tees from previous years of the Albany Triathlon as collector’s items! All registered athletes who show up on race day will get a nice shirt with event logo (technical tee or a fitted poly-cotton blend). You’ll get your shirt and other swag at packet pick up on Sat before race day or when checking in on race day morning. Your can decline the shirt if you wish during registration to put more of your fee towards our fundraising goal.

POST-RACE FESTIVITIES. Stick around after the race to recover with some healthy food, check your race results, sign up for a free massage, and schmooze with fellow participants, spectators, volunteers, sponsors, and race organizers. An awards ceremony will take place around Noon.

Keep in touch with the AlbanyTri – Visit our Connect page!