The Albany Community Triathlon runs on 100% volunteer effort. The race organizers listed below are members of the local community and receive no compensation from their AlbanyTri planning efforts beyond the satisfaction of contributing positively to this great community event. Many of the organizers also participate in the event — paying standard registration fees — to contribute to our fundraising efforts, monitor the event first-hand, and because it’s fun!

We’re always interested in recruiting new people to help out in our AlbanyTri organizational efforts. Interested in joining us? Get in touch.

AlbanyTri organizing committee (in alphabetical order):

Chris Donahue: (2012-present)

Astrid Juengling (2008, 2009; 2015-present)

Allan Maris (2008-present)

Carol Nip (2015-present)

Jim Quinn: (2008-present)

Steve Trutane (2012-present)

Jeff Shea (2008-present)

Past organizers:

Jonathan Knight (2014-2017)

Michael Mejia (2008-2009)

Skyler Tegland (2014-2016)

Sarah Whitmer (2008-2009)

Joan Williams (2014-2018)

Volunteer coordination by:

  • Loree Bruckmann-Harmon (2017)
  • Kim Trutane (2018)

See our Connect page for how to contact us.