Jeff Shea: Tribute to an AlbanyTri Enabler

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Jeff Shea was one of the organizers of the first ever Albany Community Triathlon in 2008. He was a strong advocate for school sports and served as co-chairman of the Albany High School Athletic Boosters in the 2000’s. The Albany community lost Jeff in April of this year due to complications from Parkinson’s disease.

Jeff and his wife Gail were big supporters of school athletics in Albany and Jeff continued to help out with the AlbanyTri organization and attended every event through 2019 despite his failing health. He posted a nice write up of the 2012 event including two dozen photos. That was the first year the triathlon took place in the renovated pool.

There will be a memorial service to celebrate Jeff’s life on Saturday, May 21st at 1:30 pm at Northbrae Community Church located at 941 The Alameda, Berkeley, CA 94707. All are welcome.

Jeff was president of the Albany Lions club in the 2000’s. His comment on this photo: “As president of Albany Lions Club (first term), I got to hand out some goofy awards–who says Lions don’t have fun?”

You can also visit Jeff’s online memorial website or make a donation to the Albany Athletic Boosters in his honor.

AlbanyTri 2022: Post-pandemic revival

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As the COVID19 pandemic continues to subside in the Bay Area and California generally‚ÄĒbased on current state tracking data, the AlbanyTri organizers are revving up to hold an in-person triathlon-as-usual this year, targeting Sunday October 16, 2022. The date is not finalized, but it’s getting there, so be sure to save that date on your calendar and start your training! Registration will be available as soon as the date is confirmed (late April or early May).

To help with your run training, there is a new running & music event called the Move’n’Groove happening on Sunday April 24 at 10am in Memorial Park, at the same venue where the AlbanyTri takes place. One of the AlbanyTri organizers (Steve Trutane) has been helping organize this event along with Eugenie Hsu who has been organizing the periodic COVIDchella music festivals around Albany during the pandemic.

The Move’n’Groove is a 5K where you can walk, run, roller skate, wheelchair, or push a stroller around Albany High School and Memorial park while enjoying LIVE MUSIC from multiple bands positioned along the course ūüé∂. There will be chip timing on a fast, mostly-flat, and fairly accurate 5K course (6 loops on the streets around the park & AHS). The music continues post-race on the main stage in the park from 12:30‚Äď2pm. Funded by revenues from the City of Albany’s soda tax, this is the first year of this event which could become an annual happening. Learn more at MOVEnGROOVE.org.

Note that online registration for the Move’n’Groove ends after Wed April 20. Prices increase after Wed April 13, so sign up today!

And to help with your swim training, there is a freestyle stroke clinic happening on Saturday May 21 at the Albany Aquatic Center. Visit the following link for details and to sign up: Intensive Freestyle Stroke Clinic for Triathletes.

Stay healthy this season, and be careful as you ramp up training after 2+ years of pandemic restrictions. With luck, we won’t have to do another virtual triathlon!

Albany Pandemic Triathlon 2020

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  • Update 11/9/20:
    • Last day to register: Sunday November 15
    • Last day to submit results: Sunday November 29
    • Sock & prize distribution: Sat-Sun December 5 & 6 at Memorial Park during these times:
      • Noon-2pm on 12/5
      • 2pm-4pm on 12/6
      • Please wear a mask and observe social distancing!

Not to be thwarted by pandemics and wildfires in our annual tradition of raising funds for public school sports programs in Albany CA, the AlbanyTri organizers invite you to participate in our first ever virtual event: the Albany Pandemic Triathlon 2020!

In addition to fundraising for a worthy cause, the goal of this event is to encourage you to stay fit and healthy, while allowing you the flexibility to decide what three activities to include in your own individual, self-monitored triathlon. You are free to improvise around the typical swim-bike-run triathlon format with other activities of your own choosing that might be more accessible given the widespread facility closures due to the pandemic and poor outdoor air quality due to the West Coast wildfires.

Pick activities in any location — indoor or outdoor, road or trail, ocean or tub — that provide the right amount of physical challenge given your current fitness level, and follow all health department protocols (maintain social distance, wear a mask when near others, wash hands). Here are some ideas for alternative activities besides swim, bike, run:

  • self-designed circuit with push-ups, bicycle crunches, jump rope, etc.
  • indoor stair climbing at home
  • cycling on an indoor trainer with Zwift
  • online fitness class, such as any home workout on YouTube or a class at the Virtual Y
  • uphill walking
  • endurance gardening
  • open water swimming
  • skateboarding, inline skating, rock climbing –¬†be creative!

Keep track of the three activities you perform for your pandemic triathlon effort, noting the time, distance, number of reps (as relevant for your chosen activities). You can do the activities back-to-back as in a triathlon, or on separate days if you want. The total, cumulative amount of time must be at least 20 minutes. Digital trackers such as Strava or Map My Run are useful tools, if you have access to them. This event has no age restrictions, and there will be no team entries. Parents or guardians are responsible for registering and recording results for their kids. Registrants should submit their self-recorded results using our results submission form.

For the low entry fee of $25 (early bird rate), you will be helping Albany public school sports programs (middle school and high school), improving your fitness, AND you will receive a special, limited edition pair of Albany Pandemic Triathlon socks! ūü߶ Prizes will also be awarded for a variety of yet-to-be-determined categories.

Head over to our registration page for instructions on how sign up. The final day to register is Sunday November 15. The last day to submit results is Sunday November 29. In-person sock, swag, and prize distribution to take place on the weekend of December 5-6 at Memorial Park between Noon-2pm on Sat 12/5 and 2pm-4pm on Sun 12/6. Please wear a mask and observe social distancing!

Pandemics and wildfires may slow us down, but with some creativity, we can find a way to keep going. We hope for better conditions next year so we can return to our traditional physical event and see everyone‚Äôs smiling faces as we circle around Memorial Park.ūüėÄ

Wishing everyone a safe, fit, and healthy Fall season!

AlbanyTri 2020: COVID Casualty

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After much discussion and in consideration of the City of Albany’s cancelling all Summer & Fall events, the organizers of the Albany Triathlon have decided to cancel the 2020 AlbanyTri, originally scheduled for October 4th. We encourage everyone to stay safe, healthy, and fit until this pandemic is under control, and look forward to resuming the AlbanyTri in 2021!

Organizer Steve Trutane on the bike course during the 2019 AlbanyTri (image edited to show a hypothetical SARS-CoV-2-enhanced wheelset ūüėČ)

To show your support of Albany school athletics, we encourage all would-be AlbanyTri athletes to donate to the Albany Athletic Boosters, our fundraising beneficiary (the Albany Triathlon is normally the single largest annual fundraising event for the athletics department).

As triathletes, we are accustomed to persevering through challenges. Do your best to apply that attitude towards adapting to the hardships created by this global pandemic. Maintaining your fitness will boost your physical and mental reserves, so keep up your exercise routine and find time to get outdoors to keep your body moving (with mask & social distancing as required).

Keep Moving!

There are many online resources for workouts you can do at home — or invent your own sets of your favorite moves. When in doubt, the scientific 7-minute workout is a great routine you can do almost anywhere with no fancy equipment necessary. USA Triathlon is hosting National Triathlon Week June 22-28, with a variety of ways to promote the sport online as well as a virtual challenge.

If you need any equipment or bike servicing, many past AlbanyTri sponsors have opened their doors, with some restrictions:

Albany Pool is closed, but planning to open when Alameda county enters phase 3. Local open water swimming options include the Berkeley Marina with Odyssey swimming, and Keller cove in Richmond. Be safe and swim with a friend or small group when possible.

Whenever you need a boost, relive the excitement from last year by viewing the photos and videos from the 2019 AlbanyTri.

Results for the 2019 AlbanyTri

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Final results for the 2019 AlbanyTri have been posted our results page. We appreciate your flexibility in adapting to our modified race format due to the unexpected power outage described below, and thanks for your patience as we worked to resolve timing issues with our great timing company to ensure the most accurate results possible, under trying conditions!Major-power-outage-East-Bay-berkeleyside-2019-09-29.png

Updated 10/31/19, 6:10pm: finalized results have been posted on the results page. 

Updated 10/2/19, 9:10am: recovered missing bike splits for the Adult & Youth overall results for the main bike-run course. 

Updated 9/30/19, 5:12pm: added preliminary overall results for Adult/Youth/Relay teams for the main bike-run course.

Well, the “powers that be” threw us a curveball this morning just before the first heat of Super Sprint course was to start, when an equipment failure at PG&E‚Äôs El Cerrito substation caused major outage in major swath of the East Bay.

This forced use to cancel the swim portion of the Super Sprint — as the pool’s required filters & pumps could not be run. So we turned it into a bike-run “dry-athlon” (technically not a biathlon¬†nor a duathlon), and proved¬†that triathletes don’t need the power grid to have a good time! Power came back after ~2 hrs, allowing the Super Youth race to be a complete triathlon. Some Super Sprint athletes were able to complete their swim portion later, with manual timing, well after the bike & run. These swim times will be published separately, not incorporated into the bike+run dryathlon data captured by the timing chips.

Congrats to all who¬†participated and tolerated our very last-minute course adjustments due to the unexpected power loss. We hope to do it right in 2020 — FULLY POWERED!¬†Special kudos to our¬†many first time triathletes who did their very first triathlon here today (30% of all participants). Thanks also to our returning AlbanyTri-athletes (64% of registrants) for your continued support — you’ve helped us raise over $60k for Albany public school athletics since 2008. We also acknowledge our many¬†great sponsors for their support this year, a number of which have stuck with us over most (or all) of our events since 2008. And big shout out to our many¬†helpful volunteers for helping make the event run smoothly.

If you’re missing any items from today’s event, check the lost and found at the¬†Albany Aquatic Center¬†where our lost & found box was given.

AlbanyTri 2019 heat assignments & race day tips

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Heat assignments are now available for the Albany Community Triathlon taking place on Sunday 9/29/19. Please check either of these listings to determine your heat number and start time before race day:

2019 heat assignment prep map

Updated 9/28/19 9:47pm: Heat assignment listings were updated to add new registrants from packet pickup and modify heat assignments for a few participants.

Updated 9/27/19 10:22am: Heat assignment listings were updated for a few participants.

We did our best to accommodate all family & friends requests and early/middle/late heat preferences. If you see an error or need an adjustment, let us know ASAP. These will be finalized by 8am Friday morning.

Not competing this year? Consider volunteering! We still have many open volunteer positions with gaps in key areas. Go to our new volunteer signup website.

Relay team members: note that all team members are listed, but the start times pertain just to the swimmers. After the swim, the swimmer heads to the transition area to hand off the timing chip to the biker who will be waiting. See the relay team section of our FAQ for a description of how the timing chip handoff is supposed to work. Relay team members should coordinate with each other to establish their shared spot in the transition area.

Waiver signing for relay team members: Relay team members who did not fill out the online registration form which included a digital waiver: your parent/guardian will need to sign a physical waiver. You can do this at packet pickup or at the registration table. To expedite things, here’s a PDF of the waiver you can print out (2-sided if you can), sign, and bring with you to packet pickup or race day. Team captains: notify your teammates about this!

Pick up your¬†race packet in advance at¬†Roadrunner Sports in Berkeley¬†on¬†Sat 9/28 between 2-4:30pm. Bring a photo ID. You can also pick up a packet for a friend if you have a photo of their ID. Packet pickup will also be available on race day, but picking it up on Sat will ease congestion at the registration table. Late registration will be available as space permits on Saturday at packet pickup and on race day¬†(cash or check only, made out to ‚ÄúAlbany Athletic Boosters‚ÄĚ). Currently available open slots are indicated in the by-heat assignment sheet.

Race packet goodies: Among other swag items, your race packet will contain your timing chip on a velcro strap and¬†TWO security bracelets¬†marked with your participant number and heat number. Be sure to bring your timing chip with you on race day or you will not be listed in the results!¬†It goes on your LEFT ankle¬†with the plastic chip facing out. Best advice: strap on your timing chip first thing in the morning so you don’t forget. The security bracelets go on your¬†right wrist¬†and on your¬†bike‚Äôs top tube. Put¬†those on¬†before arriving at the venue on race day. You‚Äôll need these bracelets to enter and exit the transition area. Your race packet has everything you need for race day, so there’s no need to check in at the registration table when you arrive on race day. After setting up your transition area, head over to get body marked near the registration table.

Registered but are not participating this year?¬†You can still pick up your race packet + t-shirt, but be sure to turn in your timing chip to a race organizer, otherwise we’ll need to hunt you down!

Aim to arrive at the Albany Aquatic Center at least 1 hour before your start time, possibly earlier if you are new to the triathlon business. The registration area will open at ~6:45am and will be located in front of the Aquatic Center along Portland Ave.

  • If you are in heats 1-3:¬†arrive by¬†7:00am and use the early heat section of the transition area.
  • If you are in heats 4-6:¬†arrive by¬†7:45am¬†and use the middle¬†heat section of the transition area.
  • If you are in heats 7-10:¬†arrive by¬†8:30am¬†and use the late heat section of the transition area.
  • Super Youth athletes: arrive by 9:45 am and use the Super Youth section of the transition area. Super Youth will not be using the blue bike racks as in past years. First Super Youth heat start time is 11:00 am.
  • First time triathletes¬†should arrive a little earlier to allow for more prep time and an easier time finding a spot in the correct zone of the¬†transition area.

Pre-race announcements¬†will take place at 7:35am, repeated at 8:50am. We will include a synopsis of these announcements in your race packet — be sure to read it! Heat start times will be posted around the venue. Arrive at the outdoor pool¬†5-10 min¬†before¬†your heat starts. Feel free to warm up in the indoor pool or the outdoor pool as swimmers from the previous heat exit the pool. Note that the indoor pool is ~85¬ļF while the outdoor pool is ~80¬ļF.

Review our FAQ and course map before race day to get familiar with this race. First-timers should especially review our tips for bike lap counting, one of the more challenging aspects of this course. Note that this year, there are 12 laps on the bike, not 11 as in previous years. Twelve is closer to the advertised 10k distance of the bike leg. We will also have a chip sensor on the bike course along Portland Avenue next to the Aquatic Center. It will be designated with cones. Be sure to cross over it so we can validate your bike laps in case you are in contention for a prize!

Racers: have a safe, fun, and invigorating time on race day! Reward our sponsors with your patronage, and thank our volunteers & organizers for making this event run smoothly!

AlbanyTri this Sunday! Online registration ends Wed, Packet pickup on Sat

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Online registration for the 10th annual Albany Community Triathlon ends this Wednesday at 11:59pm, so sign up today if you haven’t registered yet since we are getting close to selling out. Walk-in registration at packet pickup on Saturday or race day on Sunday will depend on available space.

Want to save time on race day? Come to packet pickup at¬†Road Runner Sports¬†on¬†Saturday September 28¬†from¬†2 to 4:30 PM located at¬†1326 10th Street in Berkeley.¬†You will receive a packet containing all race day materials including your t-shirt (long sleeve this year), timing chip (don’t forget to bring it on race day), and swag bag. Bring a photo ID. You can also confirm your swim heat assignment (which will be sent out this Thursday afternoon), ask questions about the course, and get a deal on great running gear at the store. If you can‚Äôt make it to packet pick up, consider sending a family member or friend to pick up your packet ‚ÄĒ just have them bring your photo ID (or picture of it).

You can also pick up your packet on race day at the registration table if you can’t make it on Saturday. Just be sure to arrive a little earlier race day morning (at least 1 hr before your heat start time).

Relay team members who didn’t sign the online waiver must sign a physical waiver at packet pickup (for minors, a guardian must sign). Packets can be picked up and waivers signed on race day, but doing this on Saturday will allow you to avoid¬†congestion at the registration table on race day and is¬†strongly recommended¬†for all registrants.

Did you register but can’t compete this year? If so, please let us know! This will help us optimize the swim heats. We cannot refund your registration fee, but we can offer you a discount towards registration at next year’s race.

Update 9/27/19: Late registration: Online registration has ended, but we still have a few open slots if you’re interested in joining the fun (21 slots in the main course, 11 slots for Super Youth). Registration will be available at packet pickup on a first-come, first-served basis. Sunday walk-in registration will depend on availability after Saturday.

AlbanyTri at the Solano Stroll – Three weeks till race day!

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The AlbanyTri organizers will be at the Solano Stroll Sunday Sun 9/8, 11am-5pm, near the BART tracks at the Albany Athletic Boosters booth. Stop by to chat about the race and demo some fun exercise equipment!


Haven’t registered yet for this year’s race? There’s still time to beat the next registration price bump which kicks in after the Stroll. Head over to our registration page stat! You’ll boost your fitness, have fun, AND help Albany public school sports programs (middle school and high school) — a true triple win!

To confirm your registration, go to our FAQ page and see instructions for: “How can I verify whether or not I signed up already this year?”

Need a tune up on your swimming endurance or technique?¬†There are coached swim clinics at the Albany Aquatic Center in the outdoor pool on Saturdays at 9am to 10:15am through 9/28.¬†New for this year: they are FREE for AlbanyTri registrants! Space is available but limited –¬†details here. We‚Äôll be doing a course walk-through on Sat Sep 21th at 10:30am meeting outside the Albany Aquatic Center after the swim clinic, feel free to attend that even if you didn‚Äôt swim.

Happy & healthy training to all and looking forward to seeing you on race day Sep 29th!

Early Bird ending & Swim Clinics coming!

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With just 2 months till the 10th annual Albany Community Triathlon on¬†29 September 2019, here’s a few relevant announcements:


Last day for early bird registration is July 31st.

Even with our regular pricing, the AlbanyTri is one of the most affordable multi-sport events in the SF Bay Area. To save even more and ensure yourself a spot in this year’s event,¬†go to¬†albanytri.com/register¬†to view the registration categories, prices, and a link to our registration provider (LocalRaces).



Swim Clinics this August & September – free for AlbanyTri registrants!

Starting on¬†August 10¬†and running till¬†September 28, swimming clinics will be offered at the¬†Albany Aquatics Center¬†on¬†Saturdays, 9:00-10:15 am. Like last year, these clinics will focus on boosting your freestyle technique and endurance to help you prepare for this year’s triathlon.

Freestyle a.k.a. the front crawl, is the most efficient stroke but can be tricky to master. Photo credit: GoSwim.tv

New for this year: these clinics will be offered free for AlbanyTri registrants (up to a limit), thanks to funding from the Albany Athletics Boosters. Sign up for as few or as many sessions as you want. Non-registrants can pay a drop-in fee if space is available.

Expert coaching for the clinics will be provided by the Albany Armada Masters coaches Carol Nip, Keith Brooks, Lessly Field, and Steve Trutane. Register for clinics by contacting Carol by email or at (510) 589-7102.

2019 Albany Triathlon is on 9/29 – Our 10th Anniversary!

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The “cutest triathlon in the Bay Area” is turning 10 years old! The 2019 Albany Community Triathlon takes place on Sunday September 29 at 8am¬†at Albany Memorial Park, the same¬†great venue¬†and course as last year. It’s beginner and spectator friendly with a multi-loop course and a pool swim in your own split lane. There’s also a “Super Youth” short course for kids 7-10 years old. Start your training so you can rock the course this Fall! ¬†Registration is now available.¬†Sign up¬†before Aug 1 to lock in early bird pricing. Use the ‚ÄúREGISTER NOW‚ÄĚ link on the right side to visit our registration provider. See the pricing details on the¬†registration info page.


As the AlbanyTri celebrates its 10th year, we thank our many great participants and sponsors over the years who have collectively helped us raise over $50K since 2008 for our beneficiary,¬†Albany Athletic Boosters¬†which supports both Albany Middle School & Albany High School sports programs. Training and competing in a triathlon (many for the first time)¬†and¬†helping our great public schools and¬†participating in a multi-generational community celebration of fitness ‚ÄĒ¬† a triple WIN!¬†ūüôā