Albany Pandemic Triathlon 2020

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  • Update 11/9/20:
    • Last day to register: Sunday November 15
    • Last day to submit results: Sunday November 29
    • Sock & prize distribution: Sat-Sun December 5 & 6 at Memorial Park during these times:
      • Noon-2pm on 12/5
      • 2pm-4pm on 12/6
      • Please wear a mask and observe social distancing!

Not to be thwarted by pandemics and wildfires in our annual tradition of raising funds for public school sports programs in Albany CA, the AlbanyTri organizers invite you to participate in our first ever virtual event: the Albany Pandemic Triathlon 2020!

In addition to fundraising for a worthy cause, the goal of this event is to encourage you to stay fit and healthy, while allowing you the flexibility to decide what three activities to include in your own individual, self-monitored triathlon. You are free to improvise around the typical swim-bike-run triathlon format with other activities of your own choosing that might be more accessible given the widespread facility closures due to the pandemic and poor outdoor air quality due to the West Coast wildfires.

Pick activities in any location — indoor or outdoor, road or trail, ocean or tub — that provide the right amount of physical challenge given your current fitness level, and follow all health department protocols (maintain social distance, wear a mask when near others, wash hands). Here are some ideas for alternative activities besides swim, bike, run:

  • self-designed circuit with push-ups, bicycle crunches, jump rope, etc.
  • indoor stair climbing at home
  • cycling on an indoor trainer with Zwift
  • online fitness class, such as any home workout on YouTube or a class at the Virtual Y
  • uphill walking
  • endurance gardening
  • open water swimming
  • skateboarding, inline skating, rock climbing – be creative!

Keep track of the three activities you perform for your pandemic triathlon effort, noting the time, distance, number of reps (as relevant for your chosen activities). You can do the activities back-to-back as in a triathlon, or on separate days if you want. The total, cumulative amount of time must be at least 20 minutes. Digital trackers such as Strava or Map My Run are useful tools, if you have access to them. This event has no age restrictions, and there will be no team entries. Parents or guardians are responsible for registering and recording results for their kids. Registrants should submit their self-recorded results using our results submission form.

For the low entry fee of $25 (early bird rate), you will be helping Albany public school sports programs (middle school and high school), improving your fitness, AND you will receive a special, limited edition pair of Albany Pandemic Triathlon socks! 🧦 Prizes will also be awarded for a variety of yet-to-be-determined categories.

Head over to our registration page for instructions on how sign up. The final day to register is Sunday November 15. The last day to submit results is Sunday November 29. In-person sock, swag, and prize distribution to take place on the weekend of December 5-6 at Memorial Park between Noon-2pm on Sat 12/5 and 2pm-4pm on Sun 12/6. Please wear a mask and observe social distancing!

Pandemics and wildfires may slow us down, but with some creativity, we can find a way to keep going. We hope for better conditions next year so we can return to our traditional physical event and see everyone’s smiling faces as we circle around Memorial Park.😀

Wishing everyone a safe, fit, and healthy Fall season!


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    […] Stay healthy this season, and be careful as you ramp up training after 2+ years of pandemic restrictions. With luck, we won’t have to do another virtual triathlon! […]


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