Results for the 2019 AlbanyTri

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Keep an eye on our results page for preliminary results of the 2019 Albany Community Triathlon. If you notice any errors of commission or omission or have self-timed data that is at odds with the results listings, contact us (email) and we’ll look into it. Thanks to our timing company for working with us to ensure the most accurate results possible, under trying conditions!Major-power-outage-East-Bay-berkeleyside-2019-09-29.png

Updated 10/2/19, 9:10am: recovered missing bike splits for the Adult & Youth overall results for the main bike-run course. 

Updated 9/30/19, 5:12pm: added preliminary overall results for Adult/Youth/Relay teams for the main bike-run course.

Well, the “powers that be” threw us a curveball this morning just before the first heat of Super Sprint course was to start, when an equipment failure at PG&E’s El Cerrito substation caused major outage in major swath of the East Bay.

This forced use to cancel the swim portion of the Super Sprint — as the pool’s required filters & pumps could not be run. So we turned it into a bike-run “dry-athlon” (technically not a biathlon nor a duathlon), and proved that triathletes don’t need the power grid to have a good time! Power came back after ~2 hrs, allowing the Super Youth race to be a complete triathlon. Some Super Sprint athletes were able to complete their swim portion later, with manual timing, well after the bike & run. These swim times will be published separately, not incorporated into the bike+run dryathlon data captured by the timing chips.

Congrats to all who participated and tolerated our very last-minute course adjustments due to the unexpected power loss. We hope to do it right in 2020 — FULLY POWERED! Special kudos to our many first time triathletes who did their very first triathlon here today (30% of all participants). Thanks also to our returning AlbanyTri-athletes (64% of registrants) for your continued support — you’ve helped us raise over $60k for Albany public school athletics since 2008. We also acknowledge our many great sponsors for their support this year, a number of which have stuck with us over most (or all) of our events since 2008. And big shout out to our many helpful volunteers for helping make the event run smoothly.

If you’re missing any items from today’s event, check the lost and found at the Albany Aquatic Center where our lost & found box was given.


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