AlbanyTri 2019 heat assignments & race day tips

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Heat assignments are now available for the Albany Community Triathlon taking place on Sunday 9/29/19. Please check either of these listings to determine your heat number and start time before race day:

2019 heat assignment prep map

Updated 9/28/19 9:47pm: Heat assignment listings were updated to add new registrants from packet pickup and modify heat assignments for a few participants.

Updated 9/27/19 10:22am: Heat assignment listings were updated for a few participants.

We did our best to accommodate all family & friends requests and early/middle/late heat preferences. If you see an error or need an adjustment, let us know ASAP. These will be finalized by 8am Friday morning.

Not competing this year? Consider volunteering! We still have many open volunteer positions with gaps in key areas. Go to our new volunteer signup website.

Relay team members: note that all team members are listed, but the start times pertain just to the swimmers. After the swim, the swimmer heads to the transition area to hand off the timing chip to the biker who will be waiting. See the relay team section of our FAQ for a description of how the timing chip handoff is supposed to work. Relay team members should coordinate with each other to establish their shared spot in the transition area.

Waiver signing for relay team members: Relay team members who did not fill out the online registration form which included a digital waiver: your parent/guardian will need to sign a physical waiver. You can do this at packet pickup or at the registration table. To expedite things, here’s a PDF of the waiver you can print out (2-sided if you can), sign, and bring with you to packet pickup or race day. Team captains: notify your teammates about this!

Pick up your race packet in advance at Roadrunner Sports in Berkeley on Sat 9/28 between 2-4:30pm. Bring a photo ID. You can also pick up a packet for a friend if you have a photo of their ID. Packet pickup will also be available on race day, but picking it up on Sat will ease congestion at the registration table. Late registration will be available as space permits on Saturday at packet pickup and on race day (cash or check only, made out to “Albany Athletic Boosters”). Currently available open slots are indicated in the by-heat assignment sheet.

Race packet goodies: Among other swag items, your race packet will contain your timing chip on a velcro strap and TWO security bracelets marked with your participant number and heat number. Be sure to bring your timing chip with you on race day or you will not be listed in the results! It goes on your LEFT ankle with the plastic chip facing out. Best advice: strap on your timing chip first thing in the morning so you don’t forget. The security bracelets go on your right wrist and on your bike’s top tube. Put those on before arriving at the venue on race day. You’ll need these bracelets to enter and exit the transition area. Your race packet has everything you need for race day, so there’s no need to check in at the registration table when you arrive on race day. After setting up your transition area, head over to get body marked near the registration table.

Registered but are not participating this year? You can still pick up your race packet + t-shirt, but be sure to turn in your timing chip to a race organizer, otherwise we’ll need to hunt you down!

Aim to arrive at the Albany Aquatic Center at least 1 hour before your start time, possibly earlier if you are new to the triathlon business. The registration area will open at ~6:45am and will be located in front of the Aquatic Center along Portland Ave.

  • If you are in heats 1-3: arrive by 7:00am and use the early heat section of the transition area.
  • If you are in heats 4-6: arrive by 7:45am and use the middle heat section of the transition area.
  • If you are in heats 7-10: arrive by 8:30am and use the late heat section of the transition area.
  • Super Youth athletes: arrive by 9:45 am and use the Super Youth section of the transition area. Super Youth will not be using the blue bike racks as in past years. First Super Youth heat start time is 11:00 am.
  • First time triathletes should arrive a little earlier to allow for more prep time and an easier time finding a spot in the correct zone of the transition area.

Pre-race announcements will take place at 7:35am, repeated at 8:50am. We will include a synopsis of these announcements in your race packet — be sure to read it! Heat start times will be posted around the venue. Arrive at the outdoor pool 5-10 min before your heat starts. Feel free to warm up in the indoor pool or the outdoor pool as swimmers from the previous heat exit the pool. Note that the indoor pool is ~85ºF while the outdoor pool is ~80ºF.

Review our FAQ and course map before race day to get familiar with this race. First-timers should especially review our tips for bike lap counting, one of the more challenging aspects of this course. Note that this year, there are 12 laps on the bike, not 11 as in previous years. Twelve is closer to the advertised 10k distance of the bike leg. We will also have a chip sensor on the bike course along Portland Avenue next to the Aquatic Center. It will be designated with cones. Be sure to cross over it so we can validate your bike laps in case you are in contention for a prize!

Racers: have a safe, fun, and invigorating time on race day! Reward our sponsors with your patronage, and thank our volunteers & organizers for making this event run smoothly!


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