Results for the 2018 AlbanyTri – Preliminary

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AlbanyTri-2018-Go-You-RockUpdated 10/10/18 2:10pm: fixed everyone’s swim and T2 times (original swim times were too short; T2s were too long). Added missing participants, fixed times, applied DQs.

Updated 10/8/18 10:05pm: applied penalties and DQs. Added age group results. More changes coming soon!

Near-final results for the 2018 Albany Community Triathlon are posted on our results page.  Please take a look at these updated results and let us know if you suspect errors or omissions. If you have self-timed data and it is at odds with the chip-timed data, or if you have missing data on the results pages, send us your times and we’ll square things up.

We use these results to determine the final rankings of finishers before we can send out the prizes which we plan to do ASAP. So don’t delay if you find issues with these results.

Congrats to all who participated, especially our many first time triathletes (45% of all participants). Thanks to Golden State Race Timing for the awesome on-site timing support and to Club Mallard for covering the costs of the timing system, and our many other sponsors who helped raise funds and/or provided on-site services.  Also thanks to our many volunteers (over 100) consisting of students, parents, and devoted community members without which this all-volunteer event would not be possible.

Looking forward to seeing you next year, when the AlbanyTri hits its 10th year anniversary!


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