Updated Course Map & Volunteer Sign Up

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We’ve updated the course map for 2018 to accommodate the construction zone at Albany High School and to improve the flow of cyclists and runners coming into and out of the transition area. The new map is shown on our course info page and here:


The main change is to the RUN route that will be diverted around the back of the transition area (near the tennis court fence) to avoid crossing the path of cyclists exiting & entering the transition area. Swimmers heading into the transition area will overlap with runners continuing on the course, but only for about 50 ft on a pathway that will have a generous width. These changes should make for a smoother experience for all.

The FINISH AREA has changed as well, now located in Memorial Park just past the transition area, rather than down the alley way next to the Albany High gym. You’ll run 3 laps before heading to the finish line, rather than 3.5 laps as in past years. This shortens the run from 3K to about 2.5K, so run times will not be comparable to previous years — though the shorter distance means you can run even faster!

Volunteer Sign Up Form

Also new for this year is a volunteer sign up form to enlist volunteer help on race day. The AlbanyTri operates on 100% volunteer effort of community members, high school students and parents (middle school parents are welcome to volunteer as well). If you’re interested in helping out, head over to that form and indicate your contact information and availability on race day. Thanks!


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