Triathlon Swimming Endurance Series

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Between July through September at the Albany Aquatic Center there is a new coached workout happening on Sundays at 9:00-10:15 AM. This is a 13-week series designed for triathletes and open-water swimmers to improve swimming endurance, speed and form.  First half of series focuses on endurance and second half on aerobic output, with a variety of technique work included throughout the series. Final session is 9/24 — the week before the Albany Community Triathlon!

The sets will regularly include distances of 300 to 500+ yards to help swimmers prepare for triathlons of a variety of lengths. Swimmer baseline times will be established and compared to goal times. Each work out will include a technique element.  Heart rate will be used for feedback on level of effort for below and above aerobic threshold swims.

This series is coached by Lessly Field, a life-long swimmer and a certified Level 2 USMS coach whose focus is fun and providing tools for swimmers to achieve their goals.  Free to quarterly/annual paying Albany Armada Masters Swimmers.  Drop-in fee, $10 per session. Pay on deck.  Swimmers must be registered with USMS for insurance liability ($45).  Special guest coaches will make on deck appearances, including Coach Carol Nip, the 2017 Pac Masters Coach of the Year and others.

For more information, contact Coach Lessly at lesslyfield “at”

Update: Sunday 7/30 and 8/6 the Albany Aquatic Center will be closed. An open-water swim will be scheduled on one of those dates if there is sufficient interest. Dryland triathlon-specific strength training is also an option. Contact coach Lessly to express your interest!

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    […] Need a tune up on your swimming endurance or technique? Show up at the Albany Aquatic Center on Sundays at 9am to 10:15am through 9/24 for a coached group swim workout in the outdoor pool (same one used for the tri) that is guaranteed to boost your swim power. Details here. […]


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