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Event Date & Time:

Tentative date: 16 October 2022, 8:00 AM first swim heat start.


Albany Memorial Park located at 1325 Portland Avenue.

Here’s the AlbanyTri course map from 2019 based on a Google satellite view, so it’s to scale. This year’s course will be identical to the 2019 course, with some slight adjustments due to new portable classrooms along the Western edge of the transition area. AlbanyTri veterans should review the course map since it differs from the earlier years of the event (pre-2018). Click image for larger version (opens in a new tab):
Albany Triathlon course map - annotated Google satellite view.

Here’s a Google street map:

Super Sprint Main Course Information:

The Super Sprint main course is open to participants aged 9 and up. This is a standard super sprint distance triathlon consisting of:

  • 400 meter (0.24 mile) swim followed by
  • 10 km (6.2 mile) bike ride and then
  • 2.5 km (1.6 mile) run
  • The swim
    • 17 lengths (25 yards/length) or 8.5 laps (50 yards/lap) in the outdoor pool of the Albany Aquatic Center. This is 425y, which is a little shorter than 400m.
    • 15-minute heats of 20 swimmers (max) per heat with 2 people splitting each lane. This time includes 1-2 min at the end to clear pool and prep for the next heat.
    • Seeding into heats is generally by age group + sex with exceptions for the the beginning heat and family/friends preferences:
      • The first 1 or 2 heats will be reserved for the faster/more experienced triathletes (especially fast cyclists).
      • The middle-to-later heats will be for family heat(s) and less-experienced athletes.
      • The registration form provides a way to indicate your desire to be in an early or late heat, your triathlon experience, and preference to be in the same or different heat as another participant.
    • Kickboard okay, but not other flotation devices.
  • The bike course
    • consists of 12 laps around a 0.52 mile loop on the streets encircling the pool + park + high school clockwise.
    • Bike route (map):
      • Start on Portland Ave in front of Aquatic Center, heading West
      • right turn onto Key Route.
      • right turn onto Thousands Oaks
      • right turn onto Carmel
      • continue looping along the same route, counting loops as you pass the Aquatic center.
    • Bike helmet is required and no drafting is allowed, per USAT rules.
    • Starting in 2019, the bike course consists of 12 laps around the block, not 11 as in previous years. This brings the course closer to 10 km (6.2 miles) as advertised, though it does mean that bike times will not be directly comparable to pre-2019 times.
  • The run course
    • is 3 laps on the same loop as the bike course, running in a counter-clockwise direction (opposite to the bike direction)
    • run on the sidewalk or on the road near the curb where sidewalk is not available or in bad condition.
    • Starting in 2018, the run course goes around the back side of the transition area (near the tennis court fence, on the grass) to avoid crossing the path of cyclists exiting & entering the transition area, improving course logistics.
    • Also starting in 2018, the run is 3 complete laps, rather than 3.5 laps as in earlier years, finishing in Memorial Park just past the transition area near the concrete stage. This shortens the run from 3K to 2.5K, so run times will not be directly comparable to pre-2018 times.

The transition area (T1 and T2) will be on the grassy field between the tennis courts and the sidewalk (less than 50 yards from the pool exit).

Here’s a video tour of the course to get a good sense of the venue. The video is from 2012, so be sure to see the comment below the video for a number of  significant updates for the current course. Also check out our extensive FAQ for additional event details.

This race is not USAT sanctioned, primarily since the focus is on new triathletes. However, seasoned triathletes are definitely welcome! The early swim heats will be reserved for experienced triathletes and fast cyclists to minimize interactions with slower racers. On the registration form, indicate your preference for an early heat if you are an experienced triathlete or fast cyclist.

Think you’re fast? Then consider signing up for the “Beat-A-Triathlete” challenge!

Super Youth Short Course

The super youth short course is for participants ages 7-10 and will take place 30 minutes after the start of the final swim heat of the super sprint main course (typical start time for super youth is 11am). The short course is a mini version of the super sprint main course, about 30% as long overall. For 2019, the transition area for the Super Youth will be in a designated section of the main transition area on the grass (not in the blue bike rack area near the pool entrance as in previous years).

Starting in 2018: The Super Youth course is different from previous years: now ~3x longer with a minimum participant age of 7 and a max age of 10. Nine and 10 year olds have the option of competing in either the main course or the Super Youth course, depending on their experience level. Super-competitive 6-year olds are welcome for the Super Youth course with race director approval (send us an email describing your child’s athletic background).

The Super Youth course consists of the following legs:

  • 70 meter (75 yard) swim followed by
  • 2.5 km (1.6 mile) bike ride and then
  • 1 km (0.6 mile) run
  • The kids swim
    • three lengths of the outdoor 25y pool of the Albany Aquatic Center
    • two swimmers splitting each lane.
    • kickboard okay, but not other flotation devices.
  • The kids bike course
    • three laps around a 0.52 mile loop on the streets encircling the pool + park + high school clockwise as described for the Super Sprint main course above.
    • bike helmet is required and no drafting is allowed, per USAT rules.
  • The kids run course
    • 1 lap running on the sidewalk or on street near the curb in a counter-clockwise direction, finishing in the same location as for the Super Sprint main course described above.

2 thoughts on “Course Info

    Dave said:
    September 9, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    Perhaps the information on how many bike laps the race is this year (12 rather than 11) should be updated here in the faq: . Particularly, since an email was recently sent out with a link to the faq section of the site.

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      trutane responded:
      September 9, 2019 at 4:15 pm

      Fixed. Great catch! The AlbanyTri website, like the event itself, is all-volunteer effort, so we appreciate the helpful feedback.


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